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Outreach Program

Working to share with the community our love for classical art. 


The aim is to demonstrate the classical principles in a simple and relatable way, for both students and instructors, with the goal of giving insight into the atelier approach of drawing and painting. Any materials required will be simple, and the most basic supplies. For drawing, an entire lesson can be done with graphite or charcoal. In painting, we would be using a limited palette of the most essential colors, and the lesson works in either oil or acrylic. 


We offer different levels of engagement:

1. Demonstration and talk about the method. This would be a simple demonstration of an object, or in the case of a life drawing class, a figure, or portrait, using the classical methods. This would be a quick view of all the stages of drawing, from start to finish, with one small area chosen for the finish, depending on time constraints. 

2. The classical interpretation of a current project in the curriculum. We can adapt to whatever subject matter and current project being done in the class and give a demonstration from the classical perspective, followed by critiques of each student’s current works. The aim is to not only provide insight but give some one on one instruction for each student, addressing whatever challenges they’re facing. 

3. Longer project. Based on number 1. If instruction is wanted over the course of a few days or a week, the same kind of demonstration would be given only a more in depth look at each stage of the process becomes the focus.


4. Instructor intensive (for teachers). Learn to love making art again as well as a new approach. This is preferably a drop in class at our facilities. Get a fresh perspective on drawing and painting with a step by step approach, designed to sharpen the eye and show how this can be conveyed to students. Done with either the figure or a cast, drawing or painting. 


5. Art history lecture. Historical education on the lineage of the atelier movement, how this movement has changed over time and how it’s still relevant for today’s artists. Simple overview of either the full lineage or highlights of lineage, followed by practical advice, with questions and answers on how to take what you learn in art and use it in the real world. 

Contact us for more information. 

Rates start at $250.

If you're interested in a free demonstration at our facility please let us know. 

Thanks for your interest in the DRAA!

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