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Richard is a painter involved with the classical realism movement and is interested in making a responsible statement with each involved work. He studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and then studied classically at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy and The Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago where he was an assistant instructor.  Richard now lives in Detroit.

Samples of Richard's work.

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He began his education studying studio art, philosophy, and art history at Rockford University. Then he moved to Chicago where he went to the American Academy of Art. After the American Academy he went on to study with Grigor Eftimov now at Atelier Eftimov, Matt and Magda Almy of The Ravenswood Atelier, and The Palette and Chisel.

He did historical landmark renovation in Chicago, and has since moved to Detroit, Michigan. Freelancing as an artist, doing commission work, digital illustrations and showing in local galleries, he also worked for a local studio as a museum mount maker and in-painter for museum displays all over the United States. He has taught privately for over ten years as well as for institutions such as the Ann Arbor Art Center and the BBAC .


Samples of Brian's work.

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