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The DRA Atelier is a classical program that is intensive for the purpose of building skills as fast as possible, and based on your needs as an artist. For that reason after passing the application, we will ask you for 3 to 5 jpg images of your work. This will help us understand your background and what you will need to focus on in the coming trimesters. Thank you for your interest in the DRA Atelier!

Full-time enrollemnt is $3,000 per trimester. $9,000 for a year.

Part-time enrollement is $1,500 per trimester. $4,500 for a year. 

Application for entry

Which trimester are you applying for? Fall 2022, Winter 2023 (Spring N/A)

Are you applying for part time or full time study?

What do you hope to get out of an Atelier eduction?

Do you have previous art training? And what high school or college have you attended?

Name a dead artist who you like or has influenced your life, and why?

Name a living artist who's work you admire and why?

How did you find out about us? 

Thanks for submitting!

2022 Calendar




Grand Opening
May 21st!

Sept. 26th

Dec. 16th


Jan. 9th

March 31st

Any Questions?

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

The DRAA is located at;
9592 Sioux
Redford Twp, MI, 48239

If accepted, students will be required to pay tuition for one trimester within the first week of the starting trimester at the latest. 

Refund Policy.
A student who signs up for, and pays the tuition of a single trimester, will have the ability to get a 50% refund of their payment up to half way through the trimester. 

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