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We are now Art Renewal Center Approved!


The Spring trimester begins on April 2nd!

Enroll now and invest in your skills at Michigan's first classical atelier!


Thanks for your interest in the DRAA!


The School of Athens. 
By Raphael.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle 

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." 
- Socrates

The DRAA is a visual sense making school. Put simply, our mission is to help students make sense of the world through representational art. Making art is learning how to see, and knowing how to see is not a given. To draw and paint is in part a science, but also requires curiosity and a willingness to learn from mistakes in the application of a method.  These skills are developed through guided practice, under the tutelage of those who came before us, within a proven tradition that has been handed down through generations of artists working to hone their craft. Representational art is a human right, and one the DRAA is striving to get back into the culture, to make commonplace again this rich practice.  

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Our programs

Full time 

We are based on a trimester system. Full time enrollment is Monday through Friday, 9:30-4:30, and one free evening model session. Students work from a live model every day in the mornings, and then on personal projects involving our offered programs in the afternoons. 
Tuition for one trimester is $3,000. For a year is $9,000. We currently have only 7 spots available. Students in full time enrollment will have their own private workspace.

Part time

Space is limited so we can only offer two part-time spots for now. One spot for the morning study, which covers the live model. The second spot is for afternoon study which covers Bargue, cast, still life and other subjects. Tuition for one trimester is $1,500, or $4,500 for the year. 

Summer Intensive

During the Summer months when students have off we will offer landscape and studio intensives. Students will get first choice to fill these spots, but the summer programs are separate from the core atelier program. Prices for workshops will vary.

2023 Calendar




April 2nd

Ends June 7th

Sept. 25th

Dec. 1st


Jan. 8th

March 31st

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Thanks for your interest in the DRAA!

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